1. Tina Clay

    What inspires me? People like you, Jasmine. Finding something that they become passionate about and following through with it. I have been a dreamer for way too many years. I talk about all the things that “I will do” but haven’t done yet. Things I planned on doing 10 years ago but for some reason have not took the initial step. My new “years” resolution and change in lifestyle is to be a DO-er for now on, not a dreamer. I am inspired by people’s stories and experiences.

    I am inspired by people that take chances in life with the outcome unknown at the time. I have a friend who has always wanted to own a spa. She’s now in her 40’s. She was the Spa Director of a world known spa making a 6 digit income. She recently quit that job to follow her dream, taking a scary chance and risking it all for that unknown adventure ahead.
    This year I am taking that leap of faith and learning things that I have dreaded for too long. I will share with people what I am passionate about and I will travel to Countries that make me nervous and finally wake up from dreaming!
    Yours Truly,

    “The Dream Catcher”


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      I love it Tina! I can not wait to see all of the amazing things you WILL DO!


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